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Racing is in his blood, doctors & pathologists group his blood type as 20/40 multigrade!! Today, in the world of automobiles, on the domestic as well as international front, R.K.(Tutu) Dhawan is a known figure. Be it racing, rallying, organising or writing, Tutu Dhawan has won accolades from all over the world.

He was the National Champion in the Himalayan Rally ’85, and the first Indian to finish fourth overall. He was the only representative from India in the Federation International De Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) Rally in 1996, and has served as the President of the Heritage Motoring Club of India and Chairman of the Delhi Automotive Racing Association (DARA). He is currently the Regional Director of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) and Chairman of PCRT.

Tutu Dhawan has been consumed by the passion for automobiles since the age of 12, eventually making it his profession. A senior steward of most motor sports events in Northern India, Tutu not only understands the automobiles as in the present day ‘modern’ cars, but also excels in restoration of old vintage & classic beauties. Mr. Dhawan calls his innovative restoration work ‘a whole new discipline.’ Today, automobiles rebuilt from scratch by his own hands are running around all over the country. His passion for this work can be gauged from his own words, “When I work on these cars and make them run again, I feel like a father who is seeing his children walk on their own two feet – in this case four but nonetheless, the pleasure derived is immense and cannot be quantified. This is my level of involvement with automobiles.”

The epitome of his experience is to find answers rather than solutions for car problems. An example of this is his indigenous fuel injection cleaning mechanism, which he had built in the early 80’s, a long time before such machines were even visualized in this part of the world. Over the years, Mr. Dhawan has not only repaired, serviced and restored all types of cars, his own fleet of exotic cars, from Jaguars to Mercedes-Benzs to BMWs, has grown into an enviable collection.

Tutu Dhawan is the undisputed authority on automobiles in India. He contributes as an advisor and writer for some of the top magazines, newspapers and TV channel shows, e.g. The Hindu, The Times of India, India Today Plus, Outlook, Business Today, Overdrive and some life style magazines, Road Show (Star TV), NDTV, Chalti Ka Naam Gadi (CNBC) and Chakke pe Chakka (Aaj Tak).

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1. The car will have a completely reworked Body shell after it is completely stripped of all body ornaments, interiors, mechanicals,finally old paint. Replace any old and rusty paneling, hence phosphate-- in side out with the best Imported Phosphating chemicals, after which it will be sealed off with the best rubberizing compound.

2. 2-k Paints system bottom up and the color of your choice..

3. 'Burr Finished' wood work with very high finish gloss guaranteed for 1 year. You have a choice of brass inlay ---if you like at a slight additional cost!

4. All new and fresh imported leathers on seats, Door sides like the original cars----choice of color ---yours.

5. A very well insulated floor with sound deadeners & a well tufted carpet matching the seats or what ever your preferences.

6. Dash panel in mint conditions with all dash meters functional & complete with all original decals & switches.

7. All brand new tinted glasses with the front windscreen being laminated with a shade band.

8. All body rubber fittings coming from Jaguar factory, totally snug with all chrome embellishments intact & fixed.

9. Wind mirrors on the front fenders as in original assessory.

10. Worsted head liner as in the original Jags.

Engineers Corporation

Engineers Corporation:

Engineers Corporation New Delhi, India has been engaged in the restoration and servicing of antique and special interest automobiles since 1969. As the name implies, it has been restoring and creating spares that are not available or are hard to get within the outfit. Vast majority of classic and vintage cars like Bentleys, Rolls P-1 and P-2, the only surviving Supercharged 6.8 litre Mercedes Benz, 1909 three wheeled Morgan and a Willys overland, number of pre World War2 Benzes, Chevrolets, Ford + V8’s and not forgetting the newer and more modern Classic cars as well, have been restored and won prizes and other laurels at International and National level get to gathers and rallies.

What began as a "basic pass time hobby’ in school and college, interest in automobiles grew into a full time profession from 1969 till date.

Over the years we have developed a vast network of parts, suppliers, and experts who have contributed to our success on many projects over many years. Additionally, our expertise saves time and research, our network saves time on parts location, frequently have more than one style of a particular car under restoration. All of these combine to keep the cost of an expensive restoration a little lower without compromising the quality of the goods or services. We pride ourselves on the quality which goes into each restoration.

Now occupying two work areas one in south of New Delhi and another in the adjoining suburbs Noida. complete in-house, efficient facilities for all aspects of restoration from machine shop, coach and paint shop, and woodworking shop, to efficiently restore the earliest classics to the latest in special interest cars.

We offer the following services among others:
Engine Rebuilding
Structural Woodworking
Metal Fabrication
Auto Body and Collision Repair
Custom Painting
Mechanical Systems Service
Preventative and Seasonal Maintenance
Major or Partial Restorations
Restoring & Servicing All Classic, Antique, and Special Interest Automobiles

Some of the past projects have more than one date, because they were completed different phases at different times. All were restored to owner specifications, ranging from "mid-eighties" to "high nineties" points on the standard judging scale. Naturally we have the capability for a full one hundred point restore upon request.